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Know Off Hand » Photography


Is it possible to have digital nostalgia? Had a chance to revisit my first foray into digital photography, using a 3 megapixel (!) Nikon Coolpix. This small photo essay represents a 3 week road trip through California, and also touching upon Nevada and Arizona. I saw the most beautiful landscapes I have ever witnessed, as well the the most harrowing and honest art in the form of the Vietnam War Memorial in Sacramento. It is this juxtaposition that makes California such a vivid environment for photography. It feels like a long lost home to me. Every camera has a character, a tonality, and sometimes you can use it’s imperfections to your benefit.



These photos were published in the winter edition of Brick, a Literary Journal. Brick is a fantastic read, and this isssue has an interview from one of my favorite film directors, Werner Herzog. The photos are from a series of 120 photos which will accompany a new record entitled Healthy Distance, coming out this year. They come from my cycling reconnaissance of the local 100 kilometer radius. I was preyed upon by multiple farm dogs and strange weather patterns, so these are almost like war photos to me. Expect news soon on the Healthy Distance project .


And now, the continued journey through Thailand in Part Two of the Asia Bureau photography series.


This is part one of a two part photo essay comprised of film photography shot in Asia. Starting electric and vibrant in Japan, then shifting and saturated into Thailand, this series is a colour rich exploration in the cultures of the east. Both trips were taken at the end of the 20th century, with friends graphic designer Megan Oldfield (Japan) and director Chris Grismer (Thailand). Asia Bureau Part Two to appear soon.


I lived in the Little Korea area of Toronto for a few years, and these photos are from a 24 hour period during the 2002 World Cup. It was hosted by Korea and Japan, and I had never been witness to such immense national pride and joy. Korea did quite well in the World Cup, even toppling the mighty Italy team. This is the aftermath of that epic battle. A sea of red.


Some photos from my trip to Havana, Cuba. An extremely vibrant city with the purest colours in the poorest places. While we were there a massive hurricane hit and stranded us there without power for days. Fantastic architecture in Old Havana, with remnants of 1950s America decaying through time. Viva Fidel.